Marivic Claveria was born in La Union, northern Philippines. She left her home country in 2010, settling in Aalst, Flanders, with her husband and two children. They have lived there ever since.

Marivic speaks four languages: Filipino and English (the two official languages in the Philippines), Ilocano, and Dutch.

Ever since the beginning of her studies, Marivic wanted to work in the non-profit world. “It’s more than work”, she says, “I had options to work for accountancy firms, but I chose a different path and have never looked back since”. She has vast experience in the NGO sector working with both local and international partners such as UN, WHO, EU, Rotary and USAID.  She worked with the grassroots in projects focusing on alleviating poverty, skills development and livelihood development.

As the second child in the family, Marivic had to take on some responsibilities from a very early age. That is why, early on, she learned to cook, which she greatly enjoys. Asian cuisine is her favourite.

Marivic holds a degree in Accountancy and a master’s degree in Business Administration from St. Louis University. Prior to joining EFA, she had a short stint with the corporate world in an international outsourcing company, which she left because she felt she needed to work for a cause.  

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