Gio Paolo Baglioni


Gio Paolo was born in Brescia, but grew up in Valcamonica which he considers his home. In addition to Italian, the State language, he learned to speak Camunian with his family, and loves to use it whenever possible. 

At High School, Gio Paolo was a student representative for several years, while at the same time playing Rugby alongside his studies. At University, he studied law, which is his passion in life along with motorsports. He likes art and has developed skills in graphic design.

An active militant throughout his youth, Gio Paolo has always been interested in politics as a means to establish a fairer society. To develop local soft power, he co-founded a sports organization that aims to use sports as a political means.

Gio Paolo completed an academic exchange year in Liège and has lived in Belgium ever since. Before joining EFA as a legal adviser, he worked with the Coppieters Foundation.

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