Eva Bidania Ibargutxi

Eva Bidania Ibargutxi was born in Bilbao in 1978. At the age of 17 decided to join Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) and Gazte Abertzaleak, EA's youth branch.
She was active in the independentist party at a local, provincial as well as at a National level, being elected Member of the Provincial Parliament (of Araba) in 2003.
For more than 4 years she was member of the Executive Board of Gazte Abertzaleak (2000-2004), working as a press officer and coordinating "ELKARLANEAN" the University Students Union Association linked to the organisation.

In the General Assembly of EFA of 2005 (Rennes) she was selected to be the coordinator of EFAY, EFA’s youth branch. For three years she dealt with the functioning of EFAY and in April 2008 she faced a new long term challenge by becoming the Political Advisor of EFA. On top of that, her political background and experience has given her the opportunity to coordinate the "Friendship Group towards the peace process in the Basque Country". This group was created in 2005 and formed by 15 MEP from different European Political Groups and parties to monitor the political situation in the Basque Country and boost chances towards a long lasting peace process.

University degree in Political Sciences.
Master Degree: "Decentralized International Cooperation: Peace and development. Analysis and management of the Global Agenda in the framework of the United Nations System". Thesis: "Linguicide: The subtlety of ethnic assimilation. The case of the Albanian language in Kosovo".
Other courses: "The theoretical and practical dimensions of the conflict transformation", "International law and international relationships", "Immigration in the EU. Situation and perspectives in the Basque Country", "The contribution of the information and communication technologies in the institutions: eDemocracy", "Peace by peaceful means. Peace and conflict, development and civilization", "The challenge of the European Social Model", "Preserving linguistic diversity- Improving language learning", "Regional and Minority Languages in Education system".

Apart from this, she has also a degree on Music (piano). Qualified for teaching by the Superior Music Conservatory of Bilbao, Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, music is also a fundamental part in her life.
She studied music for more than 9 years and had dedicated 4 years to teach it.


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