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06/04/2016 16:17 Age: 3 yrs
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"The worst people can suffer is being ignored as if they don't exist."

Screening and debate about the Macedonians in Greece and the Silesians in Poland

EFA together with its MEP Josep Maria Terricabras and Silesian MEP Marek Plura (EPP) organized in the European Parliament the screening of the movie "Macedonian", directed by Polish-Macedonian director Petro Aleksowski.

It is the story of a little Macedonian child who is forced to flee the Greek Civil War, gets separated from his parents and finds refuge in Silesia. The false promise that he will be back home soon never materializes, since Greece introduces a series of racist measures prohibiting him and thousands of other Macedonians to return to their birth places. Now, at 77, his only wish is to see his village even for a day. Will Greece allow him that?

"The worst ever people can suffer is being ignored as if they don't exist. This is the sad truth about the Macedonians in Greece and the Silesians in Poland", said EFA MEP Jordi Sebastia who urged the 2 EU member states to finally behave as such.

Silesian MEP Marek Plura highighted the need of the all EU countries to respect human rights."The sad stories we saw in the film are unfortunately not the only ones in the EU but with events like this one we can change this" said Plura and thanked EFA for its ongoing support to recognized and unrecognized minorities all over Europe.

Representatives of EFA member parties EFA Rainbow (Macedonians in Greece) and Ruch Autonomii Slaska (Silesians in Poland) expressed their concern about the ongoing denial of their states to face reality and subsequently end discriminating policies that last for many decades.



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