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30/03/2016 18:11 Age: 3 yrs
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Corsica joins 12 other stateless nations and governments, building #AnotherEurope with EFA

EFA press conference during the 2016 General Assembly in Corsica conveys message of change

Corsica, Catalonia, Scotland, Wales, the Basque Country….The Peoples of Europe take their future into their own hands through democracy and self-determination. This is the only way to build #AnotherEurope that will be socially fair, inclusive and fully respecting diversity.

This is the message of the EFA General Assembly 2016 which started today in Aiacciu/Ajaccio, Corsica. 

“The Corsican people have shown last December that they want a change, they want to be finally respected as a separate nation, with its own language. A nation that sets new goals for its future.”, said EFA President Francois Alfonsi, adding that it is now Paris’ turn to understand this message and start a substantial dialogue on these issues and on the Corsican political prisoners.

EFA Secretary General and State Secretary of the Catalan government for International Affairs Jordi Sole made a parallel between what is currently happening in Corsica and the ongoing process for the establishment of an independent Catalan state.” It is the people who should decide and we always must respect their democratic will. Especially in times like these, where terror and human agony are entering our homes every day, we must all revise our way of thinking.”

He also confirmed that the President of the Corsican Government Gilles Simeoni will visit Barcelona on April 18th.

EFA MEP Mark Demesmaeker hailed the rise of the self-determination movement in Corsica and mentioned that besides being an MEP from Flanders, he is also a Corsican MEP and an MEP of all Peoples who are represented in EFA but not yet directly in the European Parliament.

The EFA General Assembly adopted a series of declarations regarding minority protection, the situation in the Basque Country, the use of mother language, the refugee crisis, the Kurdish question and Palestine. It also approved the applications of Liga Socijaldemokrata Vojvodine (LSV) from Serbia and Kaszebsko Jednota (KJ) from Poland to become EFA Associated and Observer members respectively.

Read this press release in Corsican.

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