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30/03/2016 11:41 Age: 3 yrs
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Europe's shame. Unrecognised minorities in Greece and Poland

EFA organizes film screening and debate on the Macedonians in Greece and the Silesians in Poland.

The European Free Alliance together with its MEP Josep Maria Terricabras and Silesian MEP Marek Plura (EPP) organise the screening of the movie "Macedonian" in the European Parliament on April 6th.

It is the tragic story of the so-called "Detsa Begalci", the Macedonian refugee children who fled Greece during the Civil War (1946-49) and were dispersed throughout several countries of the former "Eastern Block". Some 35.000 children in total left Greece back then and 3.000 of them found shelter in Silesia, where they were taken care of by the Silesian population.These children were allowed to return to their birth places only if they would declare they were Greeks, something that most of them refused to do, thus remaining in permanent exile.

A debate will be held after the screening, featuring the director of the film and representatives of EFA members EFA Rainbow and Ruch Autonomii Slaska. 

The event comes only a few days after the Greek authorities refused entry to Greece to Macedonians from the Republic of Macedonia and Albania who were planning to attend the annual Gala of the Macedonian newspaper "Nova Zora" in Voden/Edessa, Greece. Greek authorities pursue a racist policy for decades now by blacklisting the refugee children and other Macedonians abroad who defend the rights of the Macedonian minority in Greece. It is a disgrace for the European Union that has to end immediately. 


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