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10/03/2015 14:31 Age: 3 yrs
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The time for Wales has come

Plaid Cymru leader pledges for an end to austerity and more powers for Wales.

EFA was invited to attend the Plaid Cymru Spring Conference in Caernarfon, Wales where the party’s leader Leanne Wood held a bold and ambitious speech. "We are heading for yet another hung parliament, our moment is now. Make your mark on 7 May Westminster general elections. We, Plaid, will mark our policies for Wales every day from 7May on, every day."

Mrs. Wood’s main political speech, which was also broadcasted live by BBC, included other very interesting points as well.

On austerity: "A strong team of elected Plaid members in Westminster is our only chance to end Tory-Labour austerity. The austerity experiment has failed, Plaid will put an end to it."

On The National Health service: "The Labour government is in denial over the social challenges, the people of Wales deserve better. Plaid will NEVER accept NHS privatisation."

EFA had the chance to participate in a discussion on parity with Scotland.

The debate, led by Dafydd Trystan, elaborated on the grassroots involvement in the independence movement. Jill Evans underlined the importance of new

devolution powers for Wales, for instance on the level of energy where it should reach the highest level of energy sovereignty.

EFA member party Plaid Cymru, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, aims for electing the biggest delegation of MP’s in Westminster in its history in the upcoming 7 May 2015 general elections. In the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections the party aims to enter the government for the 2nd time, working towards parity with Scotland as independent emerging new states within the European Union.

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