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29/01/2018 14:44 Age: 25 days
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End discrimination of European minorities !

EFA supports the Minority Safepack initiative – and you?

The Minority Safepack Initiative is a citizens’ initiative that proposes a package of measures to protect persons belonging to national minorities. The European Free Alliance fully supports the initiative which, amongst other things, demands language equality and rights for stateless people.


In the European Union, approximately 50 million people belong to national minority or a minority language community. As demonstrated by former Romanian Prime Minister Tudose’s publicly displayed death threats to the Szekler community in January 2018, discrimination towards minorities is still very much present in the European Union. Mr. Tudose’s declaration is only one of many from across the European Union that contribute to making minorities particularly vulnerable to discrimination.


European minorities need protection now! Sign the petition Opens external link in new windowhere


1 million signatures are needed for a citizens’ initiative to be successful – i.e. for the European Commission to propose a legislation on the topic. Find out more about citizens’ initiatives Opens external link in new windowhere. 

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