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11/12/2017 13:35 Age: 132 days
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Corsican nation and people demand more autonomy

Historic victory for Corsican nationalists

In Corsica, yesterday’s elections democratically confirmed its people’s call for a full-fledged autonomy. Corsican First Minister and leader of the ''Pè a Corsica'' list Gilles Simeoni received a clear and unquestionable double mandate to negotiate such status with the French state.


Corsica lost its independence in 1769 and was absorbed by France. Simeoni, elected in December 2015, is the leader of the first nationalist Corsican government since then. However, his government has had a mere two years to implement its policies, due to a territorial redivision.


Despite the shortened mandate, the popularity of Gilles Simeoni’s government has increased since 2015, resulting in an even greater majority in yesterday’s elections than for his first mandate. All other parties participating in the second round stranded between 12-18%, around 40% behind Pé à Corsica.

The government’s territorial reforms in Corsica have paved the way for efficient governance and stemmed the old clan mentality in government and administration structures. Progress has already been made in a number of crucial policy fields such as mobility, facilitating travel to and from the island. Naturally, the emphasis was always on further decentralization and autonomy, respect for language and culture - in short, more Corsica!

The European Free Alliance welcomes this clear victory, paving the way to a fairer future where minorities and diversity are respected!

Results : 

56,46% - 41 seats out of 63- (+11,1 pts) Pè a Corsica - pro-autonomy coalition composed by autonomists (2/3) -my party and EFA member- & independantists (1/3)

18,29% - 10 seats - (+3,3 pts) right-wing regionalist

12,67% - 6 seats - (+1,4pt) LREM - centrists

12,57% - 6 seats-  (-0,2 pt) Les republicains - right wing 

For the first time ever, a list received the absolute majority of the votes cast. 

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