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28/10/2017 14:54 Age: 118 days
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The peaceful behavior will be the best guarantee to consolidate the Catalan victory

On the first day of the New Europe, the president of the Catalan Government addresses the Catalan nation.

On the first day of the new Europe, the European Free Alliance shows its support to the new born Catalan Republic, to its people and its new institutions. François Alfonsi, president of EFA, states that "Catalonia is the proof that democracy and the will of the peoples change and make history. Today is the first day of the new Europe and members of all European stateless nations celebrate this day and this evolution".

After the first address of Mr. Carles Puigdemont, President of the Catalan Government to the Catalan people, Mr. Alfonsi stated that "Mr. Puigdemont's words are those of a Statesman. Words that directly reach the heart and souls of the Catalan people. Wise words calling for unity, for calm and patient to better tackle the upcoming hours and days under the threats and aggressions that will keep coming from the Spanish Government".

Reacting to the decision of the Spanish Government to dismantle Catalan Autonomy after triggering art. 155 of the Spanish Constitution, by which the whole Catalan Government and its President, on the first place, would be dismissed, Mr. Puigdemont underlined that "in a democratic society only the Parliament can dismiss the President". He also called the Catalan nation to keep calm in front of any provocation. He added that "We have very clear that the best way to defend the victories of today is by democratically and peacefully opposing the implementation of art. 155" and demanded his people to be patience and not react to provocations, keeping the peaceful and inclusive behavior above all. "This is the reaction of a mature country that knows where does it want to go and how. Continue with the only attitude that will make us winners without violence, without insults and in an inclusive way. Respecting everybody else's feelings, symbols and opinions"

Making reference to the last sentence of Mr. Puigdemont's speech, Mr. Alfonsi underlined the spirit of the Catalan Nation as "A victory that is not achieved thanks to the use of force, but thanks to the peaceful and understanding behavior of its citizens".

Hereunder the the address of Mr. Puigdemont earlier today (14.30h):






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