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27/10/2017 15:44 Age: 119 days
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Welcome Catalonia!

State building is a natural path of societies and governments in motion, of nations in evolution.

The European Free Alliance, EFA, has closely followed the ongoing process for independence in Catalonia.

The exemplary democratic, peaceful and determined path to freedom pursued by the Catalan people and its institutions, is an element that underlines the strong and open minded nature of this nation.

François Alfonsi, president of EFA, states that “new states are born all the time. State building is a natural path of societies and governments in motion, of nations in evolution.

As a matter of fact, in the last couple of decades over a dozen new European states have been born and they all, sooner or later, have been widely recognised at the international level. Catalonia has just declared independence and EFA obviously welcomes the neo nata Catalan Republic. It is the natural thing to do”.

Despite of the poor behaviour of the European Union in the run up to the independence referendum of 1 October, and its irresponsible attitude following the consequences of the police brutality against European citizens on the very day of the referendum; despite of the repeated threats to never recognise Catalonia as independent state and the intimidations to expel the territory and its citizens from EU once independence would be declared; the EFA is sure that, now that Catalonia has declared independence, common sense and political pragmatism will prevail in the EU, and it will all result in a cascade of MS of the EU recognising and welcoming Catalonia as a New Republic.

In this sense, Mr. Alfonsi remarks that “All the “never”s “not possible”s “no”s “can’t be done”-s will fortunately turn into a loud and warm “Welcome Catalonia!”.

Not exempted from pain and suffering (the terms of the separation will take some time and might need big amounts of patience and mutual understanding), a new Catalan state will bring a new future, new aspirations and new challenges that will need to be tackled with responsibility and wisdom.

EFA vice-president, Lorena Lopez de Lacalle, who has been following the debate and vote of the declaration of independence from the Catalan parliament, states that “far from being a “completion” of a process, this will just be the beginning. Vision, responsibility, care and love will need to be the foundation from which the new Catalan republic will rise. The future of this Catalan Republic will be shaped only according to what the Catalan citizens’ want, waving the threads of their needs, goals and aspirations together with those of peace, solidarity, determination, freedom and justice they have repeatedly proven to be a part of their DNA”.

The European Free Alliance calls on the EU and on its MS, as well as the on the UN and its MS, to recognise Catalonia in a spirit of normality, and to help Catalonia build strong European and international network from which its future diplomatic relations will be developed.

Wide and swift international recognition by UN and EU MS will be key in order to bring stability at all levels (political, economic and at social) and for all parts (Catalonia, Spain, EU and at the broader international community).

Lorena Lopez de Lacalle also states that “it is a very happy moment for all of us. For the Catalans, in the first place, but also for the Basques and all other members of European stateless nations. The dream has become a reality for all who aspire to the Europe of the Peoples!”. Referring to the aggressive attitude that the Spanish Government might have from now on, she adds that “if the Spanish Government pursues the violent and threatening path against Catalonia and its citizens, the EU and its MS, as well as the international community as a whole, should stand firm and clear defending a sovereign Catalonia and the civil and political rights of its citizens”.  

EFA also pleas the EU institutions to open up to a process of “internal enlargement” by which the new born state will automatically become member of the EU if Catalonia so wishes.

The option of the internal enlargement of the EU is there to be put into practice, for the first time in history, and is the only option to reach a win-win situation.

New political circumstances request courageous and creative political decision, and the EU will need to raise to the occasion by welcoming Catalonia. 




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