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20/10/2017 16:41 Age: 1 year
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EU's latest political prisonners

Since Monday,16th of October 2017, Jordi Sànchez (President of the Catalan National Assembly) and Jordi Cuixart (President of Òmnium Cultural) are in prison, accused of sedition by the judge Carmen Lamela.

For the first time since the Catalan process for independence started in 2010, the Spanish government sent relevant political figures to prison, crossing what was considered by many independentists, a red line that Spain would not dare to cross.

Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez are both accused of sedition, as according to the Judge, during the 20th of September, they both led a demonstration that supposedly
obstructed the procedures of the police.

EFA denounces the impartiality of this process and underlines that, taking this judgement as precedent, from now on, any act in favour of the referendum could be considered as an act of “sedition”. The European Free Alliance strongly condemns this move, which opens the path for the judiciary of Spain to criminalize not only democratic and pacific movements but any movement, organisation, party which aims colides with that of the rulling party.

EFA President François Alfonsi stated: “The sentence not only seemingly confronts with basic liberties, such as freedom of thought and freedom of assembly but also evidences the clear lack of separation of powers in the Spanish state”. “It is unbelievable that in 2017, within the European Union, peaceful European citizens are imprisoned for their political opinions and peaceful actions. The EU should severely reprimand the Spanish government for violating basic fundamental rights and, therefore, the EU Treaty. The EU’s silence, lack of action nor response on this issue, makes its officials guilty and accountable for allowing European citizens rights’ be breached within the EU territory”.   

EFA recognises Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez as political prisoner and condemns the silence of the European institutions when faced with obvious breaches of fundamental rights by a government of a member state against its citizens.

The European Free Alliance reaffirms itself once again, that the democratic mandate of the Catalan Parliament and of the 1-O referendum must be respected; strongly criticises the moves of the Spanish government to trigger article 155 of the Spanish constitution, and demands the immediate release of Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart.

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