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12/06/2017 15:42 Age: 2 yrs
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EFA regionalist parties in France prosper amidst Macron's avalanche

5 R&PS candidates go to the second round.

After the first round of the parliamentary elections* some remarkable conclusions can be drawn. President Macrons party LREM seems to receive « a strong and stable mandate » in a Republic where half of the the electorate has lost intrest in the traditional parties or even in parlementary democracy. Our EFA parties in France do well, 5 candidates go to the second round.

While 51% of the electorate abstained, not coming out to vote ; the majority of votes went to « Les Républicains en marche (LREM) » with 28% of the votes and a projected amount of seats of 415-455 (after the second round of next week Sunday), on a total number of seats of  577 seats, while the scores of the  traditional parties are : 2nd for Les Républicains (with 15%), 4th for PS (with only 7%) and, in between, 3rd, for FN (with 13%).

In the hexagonal political context almost all EFA member parties are gathered in Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS) and good results are booked in Bretgane, Alsace and mainly Corsica with in total 5 of our candidates going to the second round. Despite of the obstacles, a discriminatory electoral system, political contempt,…regionalism is installing itself in a hyper centralised country.

In 2012, for the first time ever, a regionalist candidate managed to get elected in the French Parliament. In 2017, up to 5 regionalists could speak out in Paris for more decentralisation, autonomy, respect for linguistic diversity,…

Candidates supported by R&PS in the second round are :

-1 in Brittany (#circo2903): Jean-Luc Bleunven (15,20%)
-1 in Alsace (#circo6705): Gérard Simler - Parlons d’Alsace aux Législatives 2017 (16,85%)
-3 in Corsica (#circo2B02): Jean-Felix Acquaviva (36,44%), (#circo2B01) Michel Castellani (30,42%) and (#circo2A02) Paul André Colombani (29,09%)

In the two circumscription of «Haute Corse» the chances are very high to have an elected deputy.

Regionalist parties or coalitions that took part in the elections : OUI au Pays Catalan, Oui la Bretagne, Partit Occitan Poc, Pè a Corsica , EH Bai, Mouvement Région Savoie, Unser Land -Parti Alsacien, 57 - Le Parti Des Mosellans / Partei der Mosellothringer, Alliance pour la Guadeloupe. In more than 50 circumscriptions, our R&PS parties managed to get 1% of the votes, or more, allowing them to benefit from state funding.


EFA wishes our candidates a lot of success in the second round.




*Known in france as “élections législatives”, regardless the fact that most of the regional assemblies don’t have legislative competences. 




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