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01/06/2017 10:54 Age: 296 days
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Political trial against Saharawi "Gdeim Izik" group.

EFA will be in Rabat as International observer.


The European Free Alliance will be represented by her Vicepresident Ana Miranda next 5th June in Rabat (Morocco) to participate as International Observer in the trial against the Saharawi 'Gdeim Izik group'. This Group consists of 25 central activists from Western Sahara, and activists which served as leaders at the so-called Gdeim Izik protest camp in 2010. The protest camp Gdeim Izik was a peaceful demonstration, where thousands of Saharawi’s demanded the fulfilment of both the most basic human rights, and the right of self-determination.


The Gdeim Izik camp was violently dismantled by the Moroccan authorities in November 2010, and the group of Gdeim Izik are charged with the murder of 11 policemen, who died during the clashes upon the dismantlement of the camp. The accused are furthermore charged with belonging to a criminal organisation, as the protest camp is proclaimed as a criminal organisation and not as a protest camp.

On the 17th of February 2013, the Military Court in Rabat sentenced the group to harsh penalties. The Moroccan Court de Cassation later found the decision from the Military Court of Rabat null and void, and referred the case to the Court of Appeal in Rabat.

The Court of Appeal was on the 26th of December 2016 to address the appeal of the case of these 24 men. One of the original 25 was sentenced to life in absentia in 2013 and was not included in the new trial. Two of the accused was in 2013 sentenced to time served, and there are therefore 21 detainees. The ones sentenced to time served in 2013 are included in the new trial; and there are therefore 24 accused.

EFA denounces the political trial against them as well as the irregular proceedings of the whole case, and demands investigations to be put on track to clarify prisoners’ denounces of torture, abuses and rape by officials. 

Morocco ignores the fact that, according to international law, it has no authority over Western Sahara, and also keeps on disregarding the last Judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ)[1].

EFA and its member parties support the right to self-determination of Western Sahara and works in strong cooperation with the Polisario Front and/or other Saharawi support groups all over Europe. EFA MEPs too are deeply involved in the matter and actively participate in the Intergroup of Western Sahara of the European Parliament.  


[1] On 21 December 2016 the ECJ overruled an earlier decision of the General Court (GC, 2015) and decided that Western Sahara cannot be treated as a part of Morocco and, thus, the EU-Morocco trade agreement does not apply to the territory of Western Sahara.

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