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20/10/2016 11:17 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News

Poland continues to reject the recognition of its Silesian minority

Silesians remain "2nd class" citizens of the Polish state

In an unfortunately expected decision, the Polish parliament rejected yesterday the bill that was introduced in order to recognize Silesians as an ethnic minority in the country. The ruling PiS party and its allies voted as expected against the bill, arguing that Silesians are no distinct ethnicity but an integral part of the Polish nation.

According to Natalia Pinkowska, EFA Vice President and Secretary General of EFA Member Ruch Autonomii Slaska (RAS) in Silesia, this decision means in practical terms that "Silesians remain excluded from all laws that protect identities and local cultures, while the Silesian language remains endangered, and needless to say with no plans of introducing it at any school level either."

EFA reitetates that is shameful and completely unacceptable for Poland to continue denying the right of self-determination to almost a million of its citizens who declared to be of Silesian origin during the last official census. Furthermore, Polish politicians continue to use hate speech when referring to the Silesians without any reaction from the official state. We call upon Poland to draw useful conclusions from the lastest massive protests in the country and finally respect the founding principles of the European Union.



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