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31/01/2018 12:02 Age: 353 days
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The Peoples of Europe – in full solidarity with Corsica

EFA to join the protest march in Aiacciu on 03.02.18

The People of Corsica have democratically expressed their will for more autonomy – via the ballots. But the French government has refused any dialogue on the Corsican demands since the result of the election. A mass demonstration will be taking place on Saturday 3rd February in Aiacciu to demand the opening of a dialogue. The European Free Alliance - EFA will be present at the demonstration to show its solidarity with the Corsican people.


The European Free Alliance (EFA) has 45 member parties and is represented by 11 elected Members at the European Parliament. It is present in many regional governments, and even in Belgium in the Federal Government. EFA is also present in Catalonia, with its member Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), the second biggest independentist party currently seated in the Catalan Parliament.


On Tuesday 30th, the EFA bureau met with the EFA group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). During the meeting, EFA decided to send a delegation to Corsica to participate in the protest on 3rd of February in Aiacciu, with the slogan “Sulidarità cù u populu corsu / Solidarity with the People of Corsica”.

The clear victory of the nationalist list on 10th December, lead by par Gilles Simeoni, has shown that the People of Corsica must finally be recognised, along with the instauration of Corsican as an official language, and that the autonomy of Corsica be accepted by the French Government.


Self-determination is EFA’s core principle, which is why EFA show its full solidarity with the People of Corsica.


Click Initiates file downloadHERE to access the French version of this press release.

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