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16/11/2017 14:21 Age: 1 year
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#freedomletters – Reaching out to the Catalan political prisoners

EFA launches a letter campaign in support of the Catalan detainees

Ten political leaders were imprisoned for having implemented the right of their people to vote and to self-determination. The European Free Alliance (EFA) condemns this violent act and what it stands for: State oppression.

Oriol Junqueras, Meritxell Borràs, Jordi Sanchez, Carles Mundó, Jordi Cuixart, Raül Romeva, Dolors Bassa, Josep Rull, Joaquim Forn and Jordi Turull are not criminals – they are political prisoners, who were denied a fair trial by the Spanish State. Political activism does not fall under the jurisdiction of the court that judged them, the “Audiencia Nacional”: it was set up under the Franco regime for Drug traffic and terrorism. Is this what democracy has come to?

It is in protest of this repression that the European Free Alliance is launching the #freedomletters campaign. We aim to show support for the political prisoners and their cause through handwritten letters by reaching them directly where social media will not – in their cells.

#freedomletters encourages allies from all nations and regions across Europe and the world to show their solidarity with the 10 detainees by writing them a personal letter or note and sending them by postal service. EFA will provide via social media the full name of each detainee and the precise address of where they have been confined. Encouragement and support between allies can be showcased by sharing the visuals posted on social media, using the #freedomletters hashtag, taking photos of the letters that have been written, posting a video of the sender dropping the letter in the postbox, or any other way they feel comfortable with demonstrating their support.

Let us help them stay strong!

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