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02/10/2017 14:33 Age: 353 days
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“Catalans have won the right to have an independent state”

With every passing minute without a strong condemnation of the violent events of yesterday by the EU officials, the EU is losing credibility.

After a historic day in Catalonia, the first results show that the vast majority of the population, who, despite the military police repression, managed to vote, voted for independence. Preliminary figures mention that, despite of the military police repression and violence, the turnout was satisfactory and the results show 90% of votes supporting independence.

(In figures: census of 5 343 358 people who can vote, 2 262 424 voted. YES: 2 020 144 (90.09%), NO: 176 566 (7.87%), White: 45 586 (2.03%) , NUL: 20 129 (0.89%) ).

Following these results, the president of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, addressed yesterday evening the Catalan nation to state that “as soon as the official results of the referendum are known, the government will request the Catalan parliament to proclaim independence”.  This proclamation will be done according to the “Referendum Law”.

He stated that “Catalans have won the right to have an independent state. We have won the right to be respected and recognized. Millions of people have expressed themselves and stated in a clear way that they have the right to decide upon their own future”.   

He also addressed the EU stating that Europe should respect what Catalan citizens, European citizens, have expressed, and demands the institutions to act immediately to what it has been a blatant violation of fundamental rights.


The EFA president, Mr. François Alfonsi, shocked after having witnessed the brutal action of the military police against peaceful civilians who wanted to exercise their right to vote, stated that “the European Free Alliance, will be shoulder to shoulder with the Catalan people and the Catalan government in their way to proclaim independence. EFA has always been there on both, good moments, to celebrate political victories, and on bad moments too when the Catalans have suffered the consequences of Spanish bad governance and its continuous lack of respect. EFA has always been there, it is today here and it will be in the future, supporting the Catalan people in their way to decide upon their own future”. 

He also underlined that “ it is unacceptable that the EU officials have not yet expressed their indignation towards the events of yesterday when Spanish government orchestrated a brutal police repression against peaceful European citizens. We demand the President of the European Commission to condemn these actions in the most severe way and to stand next to the Catalan citizens, who have seen their fundamental rights violated by a government of an EU MS. A reaction from the EU officials supporting European citizens is now more needed than ever if we are to build a stronger Europe together on the basis of the respect of the European values: peace, democracy and fundamental rights. With every passing minute without a strong condemnation of the violent events of yesterday and without a support to the Catalan citizens, the EU is losing credibility”.

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