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01/10/2017 17:03 Age: 1 year
Category: News

EFA requests international sanctions against Spain.

The European Free Alliance (EFA) strongly condemns the brutality of Spanish military police (Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil) against Catalan citizens who wanted to vote in peaceful way on the day of the Catalan referendum. Over 400 European citizens have been battered, and 3 are severely injured.

The Government of Spain, as the responsible for this ruthless violation of fundamental rights of European citizens, should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court and be held accountable for its abuses these past days in Catalonia, and especially today.  On top of that, the EFA demands the European Union to start a membership suspension procedure of Spain, following the article 7 of the EU Treaty.

The EFA also requests the EPP to condemn the actions of the Spanish government and the unacceptable attitude of the Spanish PP, and expel them from membership of their EU Political Party (EUPP). If that wouldn’t be done, the EFA asks the European Parliament to meticulously scrutinize the validity of the respect of EU values by the EPP and suspend its recognition as EUPP and its financing.  





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