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01/02/2017 12:34 Age: 1 year
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#SelfDetermination for the Moravians in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic remains one of the most centralized states in Europe

The European Free Alliance supports its member party Moravane and the Moravian National Initiative in their efforts to exercise their right to self-determination in the Czech Republic. Moravians in the country demand from Prague:

1. To amend the National Minorities Law with the aim to include, beside citizens of the Czech nationality, also those of the Moravian nationality, as majority national communities of the Czech Republic

2. To approve subsequently, a legislation enabling creation of the politically autonomous Moravia within the Czech Republic

Last month, representatives of numerous Moravian associations met in Velehrad, the ancient Moravian capital and reaffirmed their willingness to seek all possible means into achieving those goals with the Declaration of the Moravian Nation.

EFA stresses out that the Czech Republic continues to remain one of the most centralized states in Europe and calls upon Prague to grant the right to self-determination and autonomy for the Moravians, one of the country’s constituent nations.

You may find the full text of the Velehrad Declaration here

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