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09/01/2017 14:09 Age: 1 year
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EFA President sends letter to Chief European Commission Brexit negotiator

EFA requests a meeting with Mr. Barnier to explain why the overwhelming prp-EU Scottish majority must be respected

In a letter to European Comission's Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier, EFA President Francois Affonsi highlights the need for Europe to listen to the voice of Scotland and N. Ireland that chose to remain in the EU.

"If Europe does not reach out to the Scottish people who were always in favor of our common European idea, then who is really going to support Europe tomorrow?", asks Mr. Alfonsi and adds that the imminent Brexir negotiations should at all costs include the Scottish anxiety not to be abandoned to the fate of a "hard BrexiT' against the democratic will of the Scots.

The EFA President suggests a meeting where possible scenarios and actions in the European Parliament could be discussed and decided to tackle the issue in the most appropriate way.


You may read the full letter here

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