EFA promotes European and Mediterranean solidarity

A highly-ranked EFA delegation attended the BLOC General Assembly in Valencia[more]

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The EU institutions undermine their own principles & initiatives

The General Court of the European Union rules that MS internal administrative borders are more important than regional development[more]

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Historic victories of the EFA parties in the UK regional elections

SNP gets a unique "three-peat" in Scotland while Plaid Cymru overtakes the Conservatives and becomes 2nd biggest party in Wales.[more]

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Basque Peace Process-Arnaldo Otegi visits the European Parliament

A symbolic figure among the Basque political prisoners, Otegi leads the reconciliation and reintegration process[more]

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The right of the Macedonians in Bulgaria for self-determination is indisputable

EFA participates in the annual Jane Sandanski commemoration in Pirin Macedonia[more]

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EFA brings stateless nations even closer

The Catalan President and the Head of the Corsican government meet in Barcelona[more]

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"The worst people can suffer is being ignored as if they don't exist."

Screening and debate about the Macedonians in Greece and the Silesians in Poland [more]

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