EFA General Assembly 2017 in Silesia

The heart of the European self-determination movements will beat in Katowice, Silesia[more]

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Bulgaria refuses to face reality on the issue of its Macedonian minority

EFA and OMO Ilinden Pirin unveil grave human rights violations unworthy of an EU Member State[more]

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Austria should preserve & promote bilingual and multinational Carinthia

The initial proposal for the new federal State Constitution of Carinthia is a return to the previous century.[more]

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#SelfDetermination for the Moravians in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic remains one of the most centralized states in Europe [more]

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Europe has to be part of the solution in Catalonia

The Catalan political leadership urged the EU not to turn a blind eye to those who support it[more]

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Greece continues to foster and promote anti-minority behaviors

One month after the attack of Golden Dawn MPs and militants against a debate on minorities in Athens, organised by EFA member party DEB, and the Greek authorities are yet to conduct a thorough, transparent and impartial...[more]

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Minority rights and autonomy are a European normality

An EFA delegation delivers letter to the Permanent Representative of Poland in the EU.[more]

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