Messages of hope from the Basque Country and Galicia

EFA comments on the results of the regional elections[more]

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NO to the Italian Constitutional reform

A wrong solution to a problem creates just the illusion to have solved it.[more]

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In the Basque Country decisions are not taken by tribunals but by the people.

On 25S it will again be clear that the political and sociological reality of the basque Country is absolutely different to that of Spain. [more]

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ARTSAKH: a state grows to Maturity.

25 years after the Independence Declaration of Nagorno Karabakh. [more]

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Spain is not a democratic state. EFA expresses its solidarity to EH Bildu

Spanish election authority forbids Arnaldo Otegi's participation in the Basque elections[more]

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The role of media in supporting self-determination movements

International EFA-Kaszebsko Jednota conference in Kashubia.[more]

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#ScotlandInEurope. Nicola Sturgeon in Brussels

The Scottish leader makes her voice heard in Europe[more]

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