South Tyrol: Scientists should commit to the truth instead of misleading

EFA member Süd-Tiroler Freiheit slams the attempt of Italian and German linguists to keep invented Italian names in South Tyrol[more]

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EFA seeks a full-time Financial & Administration Officer-Extended deadline

New deadline for applications: December 1st[more]

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Minority rights through animated videos

CMC and ECMI present new video clips next week[more]

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EFA & the Moravians take the "Czechia" issue to the United Nations

The new name of the Czech Republic discriminates all non-Czechs living there[more]

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Bayern Partei celebrates 70th anniversary

The party aims to re-entering Bavaria's parliament in 2018[more]

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EFA supports a YES vote in the Hungarian referendum*

Hungarians are called to decide on the EU migrant quotas[more]

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Turks in Greece need no patrons, just basic human rights

EFA and CMC on a fact finding mission in Western Thrace[more]

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