Fryslân draws comparisons with East Belgium

The Frisian delegation deepens knowledge about the autonomy law of the German-speakers and the legal position of the German language in Belgium.[more]

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Femu a Corsica. A Corsican nationalist party with a European dimension.

25.08.2017 Not many European nationalist parties are also genuine parties of government. Here is the list. The oldest is undoubtedly the PNV, the Basque nationalist party, which has been almost continuously in power in the...[more]

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Substainable Energy conference (SEC-2017) for a Europe of the Regions.

27 and 28 October, Stenden University, Leeuwarden, Fryslân. [more]

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Vacancy for a Communications officer and Community Manager position at EFA.

Deadline to submit candidacies: 15 September 2017. [more]

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Political earthquake in Corsica: Nationalists take 3 out of 4 seats.

An Epic victory. Evviva!! [more]

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EFA is looking for a new intern.

An exciting opportunity to gain experience at the European level!![more]

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EFA regionalist parties in France prosper amidst Macron's avalanche

5 R&PS candidates go to the second round.[more]

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