EU values at risk in Europe

President of the Catalan Parliament and of the Catalan Government address Catalan citizens following the implementation of Art. 155 of the Spanish Constitution (suspension of the Catalan Autonomy) by the Spanish government.[more]

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EU's latest political prisonners

Since Monday,16th of October 2017, Jordi Sànchez (President of the Catalan National Assembly) and Jordi Cuixart (President of Òmnium Cultural) are in prison, accused of sedition by the judge Carmen Lamela. [more]

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Catalonia. Victorious referendum!

The “yes” vote stood at 90%, but more than the result, it’s the way it was conducted that counts. Faced with the deliberate strategy of chaos imposed by Madrid, Barcelona responded with the serene strength of democracy. A...[more]

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MEPs demand respect for democracy and denounce violence in Catalonia.

Over thirty MEPs from different Parliamentary Groups join in a protest photo action in Strassbourg to strongly denounce the military police violence in Catalonia last Sunday 1 October. Join the action NOW and share your pictures...[more]

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“Catalans have won the right to have an independent state”

With every passing minute without a strong condemnation of the violent events of yesterday by the EU officials, the EU is losing credibility.[more]

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EFA requests international sanctions against Spain.

The European Free Alliance (EFA) strongly condemns the brutality of Spanish military police (Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil) against Catalan citizens who wanted to vote in peaceful way on the day of the Catalan referendum....[more]

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EFA and EFAy 100+ members delegation defending self-determination.

"We are all Catalans" [more]

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