Neo- Francoist state jails another 8 European political prisoners: Catalonia deserves freedom!

Catalan Vice-President Oriol Junqueras and 7 Catalan Ministers to be remanded without bail.[more]

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The peaceful behavior will be the best guarantee to consolidate the Catalan victory

On the first day of the New Europe, the president of the Catalan Government addresses the Catalan nation.[more]

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Welcome Catalonia!

State building is a natural path of societies and governments in motion, of nations in evolution. [more]

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Concerns about the situation in Catalonia

Statement from EFA MEPs J-M Terricabras & Jordi Solé (Catalonia)[more]

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EU values at risk in Europe

President of the Catalan Parliament and of the Catalan Government address Catalan citizens following the implementation of Art. 155 of the Spanish Constitution (suspension of the Catalan Autonomy) by the Spanish government.[more]

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EU's latest political prisonners

Since Monday,16th of October 2017, Jordi Sànchez (President of the Catalan National Assembly) and Jordi Cuixart (President of Òmnium Cultural) are in prison, accused of sedition by the judge Carmen Lamela. [more]

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Catalonia. Victorious referendum!

The “yes” vote stood at 90%, but more than the result, it’s the way it was conducted that counts. Faced with the deliberate strategy of chaos imposed by Madrid, Barcelona responded with the serene strength of democracy. A...[more]

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