More respect for regions, more Europe

Answer of the European Free Alliance on the double no[more]

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General Assembly of the EFA in Bretagne

The second General Assembly of the European Free Alliance (EFA) as European Political party (epp) will take place this week in Rennes, Brittany. The ‘Union Démocratique Bretonne’ (Democratic Union of Brittany - UDB) will be the...[more]

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Respect for linguistic diversity condition to sustainable peace

The European Free Alliance, European Political party officially recognized by the European Institutions[more]

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EFA warns for growing racism in EU

Nelly Maes

In the framework of the European week against racism, EFA denounces the growing reluctance towards immigrants in the EU.[more]

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EFA solidarity one year after madrid terror blasts

Nelly Maes

A message of support and solidarity for all the victims and families[more]

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International women's day

'Need for more women in politics'[more]

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EFA defends cultural diversity at the world social forum

Several representatives of the European Free Alliance (EFA) are participating these days in the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil. [more]

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