EFA receives basque pacifists

The European Free Alliance condemns the new violence of ETA yesterday in Madrid. [more]

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EFA supports protests at greek human rights abuses

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya EFA MEP Bernat Joan is to protest to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg about ongoing human rights abuses in Greece. [more]

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First General Assembly of EFA as European Political Party

Kurdish representatives have been invited to intervene at the EFA General Assembly, that will be held next Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th at the European Parliament[more]

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Barroso to compose a more progressive Commission

Historic day: EP bared its teeth [more]

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Turkey must give EU a date

When will Human rights be respected?[more]

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Nelly Maes full time president of EFA from today

only available in dutch [more]

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A Europe of Bolkenende and Balkestein is not wanted

EVA wil geen Europa van Bolkenende en Balkestein[more]

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