Call for unilateral action to guarantee citizens' rights in Brexit

Press release from EFA MEP Alyn Smith (SNP)[more]

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VACANCY for a Communications officer (6 months contract)

Application deadline 19.12.2018[more]

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New EFA leadership elected.

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) gets the presidency of EFA, Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) the position of Secretary General and the Südschleswigschen Wählerverbands (SSW) the function of Treasurer. Following the last...[more]

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Self-determination, a universal right put into practice

New Caledonia and the birth of a Sorbian Parliament in Germany[more]

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The State of the European Union

This week was the first plenary session for the European Parliament of the 2018-2019 political year. 8 years ago, José-Manuel Barroso, then President of the European Commission, installed what was to become a tradition: the...[more]

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A light goes out : Alsatian pioneer Martin Hell passes away

Martin Hell, former President of the Union du Peuple Alsacien (now Unser Land), passed away this weekend at the age of 86. Hell was an emblematic figure for the Alsatian autonomist movement who was dedicated to the cause for over...[more]

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Web design & website development needed

EFA website requires a thorough revamp[more]

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