Statement of the International Observers to the Turkish referendum

Observers express their deepest concern about the intimidating measures observed, and the lack of transparency experienced[more]

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EFA Delegation observes the upcoming Turkish Constitutional Referendum.

The European Free Alliance supports the Kurdish party HDP in their campaign for a NO vote in the constitutional referendum of next Sunday 16th April. [more]

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EFA MEPs vote on European Parliament Brexit mandate

EFA Group President Josep-Maria Terricabras and MEPs Jill Evans and Alyn Smith took the floor during the plenary session today, highlighting that citizens must be central in the whole process.[more]

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Manipulations against the Turkish minority in Greece continue

Incidents in mosques flare questions[more]

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Silesia deserves autonomy and Poland should grant it.

General Assembly of European Free Alliance-European Political Party in Katowice.[more]

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The heart of European self-determination beats in Silesia

The European Free Alliance General Assembly 2017[more]

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EFA expresses its solidarity to DEB and the Turkish minority in Greece

Commenting on the complaint filed at the Greek Supreme Court by Golden Dawn party against EFA member DEB, EFA President Francois Alfonsi made the following statement: "Instead of being brought to justice for demolishing the...[more]

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