Prespa: A dangerous agreement

Great concerns with the so called “Prespa agreement” between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia.[more]

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Europe: What it is and what it should be

Between two quotes from a founding father of the EU - By EFA Vice-President Lorena Lopez de Lacalle[more]

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EFA celebrates ETA dissolution

The end of violence in the Basque Country – and an opening of a dialogue in Europe?[more]

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Paid internship with EFA in Brussels

Application deadline EXTENDED - 6th June 2018[more]

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A Europe for all Peoples

A recap of EFA's General Assembly in Bavaria[more]

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No democracy or justice in Spain – EU must act

EFA calls on EU Council Summit to intervene on Catalonia[more]

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Bulgarian presidency of EU Council: EFA asks for respect of European treaties in Bulgaria

EFA visits Member party Omo Ilinden Pirin and pushes for dialogue on Macedonians in Bulgaria[more]

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