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04/04/2016 17:31 Age: 3 yrs
Category: News

EFA calls on EU Council to adopt tougher anti-dumping tarifs

20.000 jobs to be lost in UK, 4.000 in Wales only.

The European Free Alliance expresses its serious concern after the decision of global steel company TATA to pull out out of all its UK operations, as a result of the international steel crisis.

20,000 direct and indirect jobs in the UK will be lost. The biggest TATA steel plant is in Port Talbot, Wales, where around 4000 jobs will be affected. This will be a staggering blow to the community and the local 

While TATA named the dumping of cheap Chinese steel on the European market as a major reason for this decision, the European Council continues to block the proposals of the European Commission that could impose tougher anti-dumping tarifs, thus reversing this negative situation.

EFA expresses its solidarity to the steel workers of Wales in these tough times as well as industria communities across Europe in stateless nations and unrepresented regions that are also feeling the consequences of the steel crisis.

Sustainable development cannot be achieved when free trade dogmas prevail over people.

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