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13/10/2015 15:15 Age: 3 yrs
Category: News

EFA mission to Aland Islands

Alands Framtid's 3-step plan foresees a new Autonomy Act and potential independence from Finland by 2040

#EFATV traveled from the 9th to the 12th of October on the Aland Islands to support the campaign of EFA member Alands Framtid (AF) towards the Lagting (Aland Parliament) elections on October 18th. 

The EFA representatives had the chance to experience and record the campaign, talk to the local population, participate in a press conference and a youth meeting, thus receiving a very positive impression of the ongoing efforts of AF for more devolution.

Key points of the party's campaign include increased tax autonomy, less bureaucracy, enhanced social protection for single parents, an effective waste management system for the islands and abolishment of geotagging restrictions.

Alands Framtid aims to increase the number of seats it currently holds in Lagting (3) and participate for the first time in the local government, thus boosting the cause of self-determination.

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