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09/11/2018 15:35 Age: 30 days
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24th November: Coppieters Awards

On 25th November, our political foundation, the Coppieters Foundation, will be holding its 3rd Coppieters Award ceremony in Aiacciu. 

The Coppieters Awards are an initiative of the Coppieters Foundation to honour individuals and organizations that, like Maurits Coppieters himself used to, stand out in defence of cultural and linguistic diversity, inter-cultural dialogue, self-determination, rights of minorities, peace, democracy and a united Europe. The main objective of the Coppieters Awards is to give recognition to persons and organizations that have successfully managed to find innovative ways to advocate for and embody these values.

This year the recipient of the awards is Mr. Edmond Simeoni, father of the modern Corsican national movement and founder of Action Régionaliste Corse. 


10.00: Reception of attendees

11.00: Award ceremony

- Antonia Luciani, Vice-President of Coppieters Foundation

- Andria Fazi, Political Analyst

- Michel Castellani, Elected Member of French Parliament ("député"), representing Haute-Corse

- Xabier Macias, President of Coppieters Foundation

- Edmond Simeoni, Award recipient

12.00: Closing ceremony



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