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23/02/2017 13:20 Age: 2 yrs
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EFA General Assembly 2017 in Silesia

The heart of the European self-determination movements will beat in Katowice, Silesia

The European Free Alliance (EFA) will hold its annual General Assembly from the 30th of March to the 1st of April 2017 in Katowice, Silesia.

Main slogans of the General Assembly will be "Autonomia to normalnosc" and #Silesia deserves autonomy", highlighting the legitimate wish of the Silesian people for recognition and autonomy.

Around 200 delegates representing the 46 EFA member parties in 20 European countries, together with the members of our political foundation Centre Maurits Coppieters and our youth organization EFAy will debate-among other issues- about the situation of minorities in Poland and the EU, the developments towards the Catalan and Scottish independence, Brexit, the migrant crisis and sustainable regional development.

Most of all, the General Assembly is expected to offer concrete proposals for the future of the European Union that has to reform itself in order to answer to the threats and challenges that jeopardize its future.

#Autonomy4Silesia #Katowice17 #AnotherEurope

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