To address the Bureau for a membership application, please send an email to info(at)e-f-a(dot)org or send a letter HERE.
(Extract of the Articles 5 and 6 of the Articles of Association on membership)
Article 6  “… Candidates for membership must apply in writing to Bureau and confirm their agreement with the purpose and articles of association of the organisation. Acceptance of the articles of association shall include acceptance of the budgetary regulations.
The General Assembly has sovereign power to decide on any application for membership proposed by the Bureau. It need not give reasons for accepting or rejecting applications.
By joining the association all members unconditionally agree to comply with the articles of association and rules of internal order of the association and the decisions of its bodies, and to this end undertake nothing to damage the interests of the association.
Only Political Parties alone shall be entitled to full membership, including the right to vote at the General Assembly. The other members shall have only the right to attend the General Assembly. …”


“Article 5. The association shall be composed of full members, observer members, associated members,  individual members and honorary members.

(a) Full membership:
Full membership can be granted to political parties who subscribe to the program and on the condition that they are politically active on state, national or regional level; or on the condition that they have elected members on the European level or State or National, Regional or local council level; or that they have elected members in the organs of the state, region, or local councils. If a candidate member is a party or a body with legal personality the request for membership should mention the name of a person who will be the representative of his or her organisation in the General Assembly. Only after having had the statute of Observer member for one year, full membership can be granted.
Membership may be requested by political parties which:
-              accept the EFA political program;
-              are structured;
-              are politically active on the territory of their nation;
-         have elected members of European and/or state and/or national or regional and/or local assemblies;
-              issue publications (at least an internal information bulletin).
(b)Observer membership:
Political parties wishing to be accepted as full members must have previously been accepted as observer members. They must follow the indications of the precedent paragraph. Only after having had the statute of observer member for one year, full membership can be granted.

(c) Associated membership: 

Political parties active outside the territory of the European Union may be accepted as associated members. They must follow the guidelines applicable for candidate parties wishing to obtain observer or full membership. An associated member has the right to apply for observer membership as soon as their country/territory has entered the EU.

(d) Individual membership:
Individuals may be exceptionally accepted by the General Assembly after a proposal made by the Bureau. They will have the status of individual member. This decision must be taken by a majority vote of the full members. The individual member must be an elected representative of a party that is not member of the EFA. They will be considered as individual members for the duration of the period of their mandate. No contribution is payable by individual members. Under specific circumstances to be agreed by the General Assembly, other individual members can be accepted.
(d) Honorary membership:
The General Assembly may accept honorary members after a proposal made by the Bureau and after consultation with the concerned parties. This decision must be taken by a majority vote of the full members. Honorary members may be former EFA Members of the European Parliament or important persons in the history of EFA. Honorary members can only be accepted if they are no longer elected or working for EFA as a staff. No contribution is payable by honorary members. …”   Read More


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