(From the Articles of Association)

Article 5 - Composition of the Association

The Association is composed of full members, observer members, individual members and honorary members.

Article 5a - Members in a changing EU

In the event that the composition of the EU changes and a Member State withdraws from the EU, the members of the Association active in that State may retain their status in the Association if they so wish.

Article 6 - Full Members

Full membership can be attributed to political parties and organizations that adhere to the political agenda and provided that they are politically active at state, national or regional level within the EU; or provided they have elected members at European, state, national, regional or local level.

A political party cannot be accepted as a full member until having had observer status for at least one (1) year.

Article 7 - Observer Members

Observer status is conferred on any new party or organization that adheres to the political agenda of the EFA and which is politically active at the state, national or regional level and which the General Assembly has accepted as a member.

Observer status may also be granted to parties and organizations outside the EU if the country in which they are established has started an accession procedure to the EU and after a positive assessment and a vote of the General Assembly on a bilateral collaboration agreement between the political party or the organization and the EFA.

Article 8 - Associate Members

The aim of the EFA is to work with parties and organizations outside the EU in order to promote European values and pro-European attitudes outside the borders of the European Union.

Political parties and organizations that adhere to the EFA political program and are active at state, national or regional level of non-EU member states can apply for Associate membership.

Associate members must sign a bilateral collaboration agreement with the EFA for their membership to be accepted.

These agreements will be evaluated every three (3) years by the EFA Bureau and extended in case of a positive evaluation.

Article 9 - Individual Members

Individuals may be accepted by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Bureau.

The individual member must be an elected representative of a party that is not a member of the EFA.

Individual membership shall be maintained for the duration of the individual member's term of office.

Under certain conditions, to be determined by the General Assembly in the Rules of Internal Order, other individual members may be accepted.

Article 10 - Honorary Members

The General Assembly may grant honorary membership to a person on the proposal of the Bureau and after consultation with the party concerned.

Honorary members may be former MEPs of the EFA or persons of importance to the history of the FTA.

Honorary members can only be accepted if they are no longer elected representatives and are no longer members of the staff of the EFA.




To address the Bureau for a membership application, please send an email to info(at)e-f-a(dot)org or send a letter HERE.

(Extract of the Articles of Association on membership)

Article 11 - Number of members

The number of members is unlimited, but may not be less than three (3) full members.

Article 12 - Candidate Members

Candidates for membership must send their justified request to the Bureau and express their consent to the Statutes of the EFA and to the budgetary regulations set out in the Rules of Internal order.

Article 13 - Admission of new members

The General Assembly has the sovereign power to rule on all applications for membership proposed by the Bureau.

The General Assembly must not justify the acceptance or the refusal of an application.

Article 14 - Compliance with Regulations

By acceding to the EFA, all members agree to respect unconditionally the Statutes and Rules of Internal Order, the decisions of its organs and, to that end, to undertake no action whatsoever, that it may harm the Association, its members and its interests.


(Extract of the Rules of Internal Order on membership)

2.6       Application for membership

2.6.1    A nation/region may be represented by only one political party. However, another politically active party from the same geographical area may become a member with the consent of the member of the PPEL.

2.6.2    Any political party or political organisation wishing to join the EFA must submit a written application.

2.6.3    The application shall contain: a letter of motivation addressed to the President in which is explicitly mentioned the commitment to respect, follow and agree the values on which the EU is founded, included but not limited to the content of Article 3 of the TEU and the AoA and political manifesto of the EFA; the political program of the applicant; the statute of the party or organisation; the description of the internal organisation and decision-making process if not present in the statute; a list of elected representatives, if any; a copy of the results of the most recent elections in which the party or organisation has taken part; a sample of some recent publications, if any.

2.6.4    The documents submitted with the application will be made available to the members of the EFA Bureau and General Assembly.  

2.6.5    The office of the EFA collects the necessary documents and information concerning the application and transmits the application dossier to the Bureau.

2.6.6    The Bureau gives a preliminary advice on the application before submitting it to the General Assembly for the vote.

2.6.7    The General Assembly adopts a decision concerning membership with a simple majority vote.

2.6.8    The decision of the General Assembly on membership has immediate effect.

2.6.9    Every member of the EFA can propose to the Bureau to invite non-members to the General Assembly meetings. The Bureau adopts the proposal by simple majority.

2.6.10  After one year of Observer membership the member can request to become Full member.

2.6.11  The request must be notified to the Bureau in time to be included in the agenda of the General Assembly, following the provisions of the AoA.

2.6.12  The General Assembly votes on the Full membership.

2.6.13  The General Assembly voting on membership automatically amends the Annex II of the AoA.



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