Legal basis

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association (AoA) of EFA define in general terms, amongst others, the objectives of the organisation, the membership procedure and categories, the governing bodies of the organisation and their responsibilities, and the financial regulation.

You can find the English version of EFA's AoA HERE

You can find the French version of EFA's AoA HERE

Rules of Internal Order

The Rules of Internal Order (RIO) of EFA detail in a more specific way all the practical aspects of the organisation: from the rights and obligations of its members and governing bodies, to the financial rules, the policy on political discussions and the relationship with the youth organisation.

Check out EFA's RIO HERE (only available in French)


For transparency reasons, EFA publishes the audit report of the previous year on an annual basis. The annual audit report is issued by a certified auditing company and can be found below. 

* Starting from 01/01/2018 the list of donors will make public only the name and the amount of donations above 1500€. In case of donations from natural persons of which the amount is below 3000€ the donors shall request to have their identity not published.


Click here to access EFA’s closed accounts per year.

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